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Equipment: FDY-0201 Engine coolant corrosion tester
Equipment Type: Instrument -> Test Instrument
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Description: Scope of application Application rangethe engine coolant corrosion Meter instrument specifically designed and manufactured according to the the petrochemical Standard SH / T 0085 “engine coolant corrosion Determination (glassware Act)”.Provides for glassware, corrosion of engine coolant typical metal specimens was measured in the laboratory under control led conditions. Function characteristics 1. with integrated design, simple operation; 2. automatically prompt overflow design, full of water; 3. rapid sealing valve design, to facilitate the ment of the bath; 4.engine coolant corrosion analyzer test cup quick plug design, fast, stable, safe; 5.using the precision flowmeter control flow, the user at any time adjustable; 6.with professional air pump gas supply, stable airflow, noise-free; 7.embedded drying system, ment desiccant convenient, beautiful. Technical parameters 1.input power: 220V ± 10% 50HZ; 2. heating power: 2000W; 3.the heating medium: glycerin (glycerol), or a flash point greater than 100 ° C heating oil; 4.test holes: 4 holes; 5.time: automatic timing; 6.Ambient temperature: 5 to at 35 ° C; 7.Relative humidity: <85% RH.
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