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Equipment: FDR-3571 Octane number analyzer (motor / research method)
Equipment Type: Instrument -> Analytic Instrument
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Description: Scope of application Gasoline octane (gasoline label) is used to indicate a contract value of gasoline antiknock properties of motor gasoline the most important indicator of quality, is one of the core content in the oil specification analysis. To determine which is the standard engine test under specified working conditions, and by comparing the standard fuel. According GB/T503, GB/T5487, ASTMD2699, ASTMD2700 standards, divided into motor octane number and research octane number. Function characteristics 1, using a computer touch-screen operation, human-machine interface is friendly exchanges 2, screen interface, real-time display of experimental parameters change indicators, closely monitored 3, automatic & Jog adjust the compression ratio, with limit protection 4, support interpolation and compression ratio method two kinds of methods of operation 5, automatic generation of test reports, automatic printout Technical parameters 1, measuring range: 50 to 100 octane number; 2, along with the motor France and two test functions studied law, improving the user''s investment in utility; 3, cylinder bore: 65mm; 4, the cylinder stroke: 100mm; 5, engine displacement: 0.33L; 6, compression ratio range: 4:1 to 12:1; 7, engine speed range: 900 ± 9r/min (MON) 600 ± 6r/min (MON) 8, machine rated power: 8000W 9, Power: 380 ± 10% VAC, 50 ± 1Hz 220 ± 10% VAC, 50 ± 1Hz
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