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Equipment: FDT-1371Karl fischer titrator
Equipment Type: Instrument -> Analytic Instrument
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Description: Scope of application Test Methods for Water Content of Liquid Petroleum Products (Karl Fischer Methods)”. It is suitable to determine water content in the liquid petroleum products by titration using Karl Fischer reagent. Adopt a microprocessor for control, so it has characteristics of rapid determination speed, High precision, LCD display, and automatic print. It also has function of self-diagnostics, menu ion. It is a multifunctional, convenient, and automatic analysis instrument. Function characteristics 1, large-screen LCD display, interactive interface, with menu prompts for various parameters; 2, with a variety of parameters of the test date, clock, etc. prompts; 3, differential detection, the system automatically correct the deviation; 4, mixing, testing, computer print data automatically; 5 ug water and ppm units with automatic conversion; 6, the introduction of imported XECOM U.S. data processing chip, fast and accurate data processing; Technical parameters Titration mode:Coulometric titration controlled by a microprocessor Measurement range:3μg~100mg (Representative value: 10μg~10mg) Electrolysis control:Automatic electrolysis current control (Max is 400 mA) Titration speed:2 .4mg/min (Maximum) End point:information display, buzzer alarm, and indication light is on; Printer:16 characters width pin-printer. Paper width is 44 mm; Date:Year Month Day Hour Minute Second; Measurement range:3μg~100mg Electrolysis control: Automatic electrolysis current control (Max is 240 mA)
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